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Author Topic: Addition of Hardware SIG's into Windows and Linux SIG's  (Read 3410 times)
« on: May 27, 2008, 10:34:12 PM »

Tuesday May 27, 2008 Passed on may 27, 2008 by the Board of Trustees.

Subject: Change of two Special Interest Groups Windows SIG and Linux SIG’s ONLY!

Change is adding a Hardware status to each SIG: Windows/Hardware SIG, Linux/Hardware SIG.

For the last few years COMSOC has had no Hardware SIG and is in very bad need of a Hardware SIG. The Hardware SIG will be added to both the Windows and Linux SIG’s ONLY! The Hardware SIG’s purpose is to work on, fix, repair, teach or find the cause of a problem with a piece of Hardware such as a scanner, Printer, or other piece of Hardware can be brought into the Windows or Linux SIG (Depending on the OS used) Computers will be worked on depending on the problem with them, pertaining to the 2-hour time limit of the meeting and if the problem is determined that it will take over two hours to facilitate a solution the computer will not be worked on or permitted to be brought in.

Determining what is to be worked on is the responsibility of the SIG Leader together and the decision is final on the matter.

 Any approval on the unit(s) to be worked on will come at a first come basis and also will be scheduled and shown on either the Windows/Hardware SIG or the Linux/Hardware SIG .

The Rules of the Windows/Hardware SIG or the Linux/Hardware SIG:

1.   The member having the trouble will get in touch with the SIG Leader thru an E-Mail no less than (7) Seven days before either the Windows SIG or the Linux SIG (Depending on the OS used) This is to facilitate the SIG Leader getting ready to have the item at the meeting and to actually schedule the item to be worked on and determine if it can be done in the two hours for the meeting that is scheduled. Work such as Partitioning, Formatting, Installing an Operating System, Full Recoveries or Repair-Installations of any kind WILL NOT BE DONE at the meeting. Instructions can be given to member.

2.   With the request for the work to be done at the SIG the following information will be made available at the first E-Mail sent to the SIG Leader.

A.   Make and Model number of the computer the device is used on?
B.   Operating System used on the computer and Amount of System RAM?
C.   Service Pack(s) installed and if the Windows updates have been installed?
D.   What type of device the peripheral is, Ex. USB, Parallel etc.?
E.   Is the Peripheral New or Used?

The computer to be worked on will have to have a legal operating system disk, Recovery, Restore disk or software accompanying it just in case it is needed. No Copies allowed. This is for Windows Operating System disks ONLY not for Linux. If there are no Recovery/Restore disks available for the computer then instructions will be provided where to purchase the correct software thru the manufacturer of the computer.

What to bring: The peripheral and power and connecting cable to the computer, Install software and items to be scanned etc. If the computer is to be brought in, just bring the computer by itself no power cable, mouse, keyboard or monitor these will be provided at the meeting area.
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