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Title: broadcasting from meeting next Tuesday
Post by: fpirrone on July 22, 2010, 06:26:53 pm
Hi Everyone,

We were unable to provide screen sharing for the 8 or so folks who attempted to participate remotely in the July Linux Beginners SIG due to an as-yet-unexplained plug-in corruption.  There was some speculation that the UB wireless network was blocking the service but I don't believe that is the case.

I was able to delete the two DimDim screen sharing plug-in files, and that caused a fresh download and install to occur, and a return to normal behavior - unfortunately, fiddling around with the firewall, system logs, launching means, and looking for a download link at the meeting was unsuccessful, but at least it's now working.

What I'm going to do is broadcast a test Tuesday, starting at 8:00PM, including a tech from DimDim, that will make sure everything works.  Feel free to join in from home if you are interested or unable to attend the meeting.  You'll hear and see me in a window in your browser, and if all goes well will see my screen in a large pop-up window that you can move around and resize.  I'll be using the same GNU/Linux VM with Fluxbox that I presented on to the SIG, and will be whispering so as to not disturb the meeting!

Visit: to join in.

Title: Re: broadcasting from meeting next Tuesday
Post by: fpirrone on July 23, 2010, 01:44:00 am
Jerry just brought to my attention that there is no WNYComSoc meeting next Tuesday, and in fact none the rest of the month.  So, what I'll do is run a very brief DimDim session from home at 8:00PM.  That obviously won't test UB's wireless support, but I'm confident that's no problem.

All I'll do is log in, start the session, allow my video and audio, and start screen sharing with that Ubuntu VM running Fluxbox.  I'll talk for a minute or two, probably just with Sachin, the DimDim tech - man that sounds more like an insult than a comment, LOL - maybe ask a question or two of anyone who might be logged in, and shut down the meeting.

So, if any of that sound interesting, or dare I say - like fun, and you're free, join me/us.