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Database presentation resources
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* October 23, 2010, 03:08:00 am
Greetings everyone!

Here are two resources for Tuesday's database presentation.  The first is a link to a tutorial Web site,, whose theme is teaching with pictures.  This is an extremely clear and easy step-by-step look at creating databases with's Base application.

There are a number of excellent tutorials-in-pictures at this site, so be sure to look around when you visit.  Some of these topics would make excellent future meetings of the club, so if you see something you'd like to cover or have covered at a General Meeting or even a SIG, speak up!

This second link is to an Acrobat document that's too large to attach to this message, so I'm posting it to our company's Web site.  I liked the company so much that I bought it founded it, so I can post anything I darned well please!

This is actually a piece of the OO.o manual, and at 62 pages it's detailed, but for interested members it's both an in-depth tutorial and a great reference on Base.  Left-click the link to have it open up directly, or right-click and select save to drop a copy wherever you please.

Anyone looking over these materials prior to next week's meeting is encouraged to ask questions or make comments they have that popped up in the process.

See you at the meeting...

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