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Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
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* May 13, 2011, 02:47:44 am
I listen to most everything on headphones.  When I'm not using a portable mp3 player, I've used a pair of Sony RF headphones for many years.  They're great, but have a frequency response of around 40 - 12000Hz.  I'd like to get back to the 20 - 20000 or better that I get using directly connected headphones.

The other day, the idea of using Bluetooth occurred to me and I was off to the web.  I found a bunch of headphones and even a bunch of standalone transmitters that I can hook up to my TV or stereo.  Aside from the wide range of prices, the main problem was that none of the ones I looked at (transmitters or headphones) mentioned their frequency response at all!  Usually when a spec like that is omitted it's  because it's really bad.

Can anyone tell me how to select a good pair (transmitter and receiver/headphone with built in receiver) with a wide frequency response?

A few notes:
I'm not attached to Bluetooth or RF, I just want something with improved frequency response.
My hearing is less than perfect, so I don't need audiophile quality, but I do want to be able to make it loud and I need a relatively flat frequency response with  realistic bass.  I don't want super bass, just a full, rich sound.
My cellphone does Bluetooth, but I've never used the feature and probably won't.
My notebook also does Bluetooth (or at least Linux tells me it does ;)     ), but I've never tried that either.  That, I would use.


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