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Anti-Virus Tests
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* December 09, 2011, 03:10:00 pm
The AV-TEST Institute is a leading international and independent service provider in the fields of IT security and anti-virus research. It is one of the most respected antivirus testing labs in the world.
(Click on your AV Program in the list for a Full Report):
Windows Test Results:

See tests for Free Android operating system Anti-Virus programs:

The best free program was " Zoner AntiVirus Free "

These commercial Android AV apps were rated superior to the free Mobile AV's;
F-Secure Mobile Security:

Kaspersky Mobile Security:

CNET Article on AV-TEST of Android AV tests:;txt

Free Anti-Theft for Mobile - Helps get your lost or stolen phone back !

Checkout past FREE Anti-Virus & Firewall listings on our website;,1112.0.html
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