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Latest Greatest Free Antivirus etc. For Win 7?
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* November 22, 2011, 01:19:02 am
I'm *finally* doing my first Window 7 (64-bit) Setup.  Right now, it's a native (normal) install, but I'm going to put it in a vm asap.

What are the latest, greatest, *free*  apps that I "have to" install on it?

At minimum, I need an antivirus and probably an anti all other malware app.  I'll skip the firewall and use the one from windows temporarily.  Once it's a vm Linux will provide the firewall.

I used to use avg free until they came out with the release (around a year ago) that killed system performance.  Have they mended their ways since then?

I know I'll need revo uninstaller.

On native Windows, I loved System Suite 9 from Avanquest (Vcom), but 90% of it doesn't work in a vm.  The feature I really miss was  a program that detected new installs and offered to make standard and enhanced checkpoint/restore points.  It saved me several times from bungled installs and once from a virus/malware thingy.  (Yes, even I fell for the dolphin screen saver.)  Is there anything like that available?  I'd probably pay money for that!

The other thing I know I'm going to install is Powerdesk 8.  I already bought it.  It's a religious thing - I've been using PD for around 12 years and can't live without it.  (And, after an extremely rocky start on Win 7, I think it finally works right again.)  It's a replacement for Windows Explorer and also does a lot more.  I've spent a lot of time on their forum and there are a bunch of other users like me who have used it for more than a decade.

Just as background - as usual - I'll be doing everything I can in Linux.  The Win 7 vm is going to be used for things like Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred, maybe a scanner program like Omnipage, and anything else I have to have that won't run on Linux.

Any feedback would be appreciated.