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Apple Mac Trojans
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* April 05, 2012, 03:55:36 pm
**** NEW MALWARE TARGETS UNPATCHED MICROSOFT OFFICE !  Microsoft is reporting that malware is exploiting unpatched versions of its Microsoft Office Word 2000 suite to compromise Apple Macintoshes running Snow Leopard or earlier versions of Mac OS X.

MAC OS Lion update exposes passwords -

*** MALWARE ATTACKS !  New PYTHON  based back-door trojan malware

** MALWARE ATTACKS !  New FLASHBACK.S  malware variant trojan

* MALWARE ATTACKS !  Mac Malware Strikes Again With SabPub Trojan

How to Remove SabPub:

Windows based Apple Mac PC's have been attacked by new variants of the fast-growing Flashback/Flashfake Trojan, which already have affected more than 600,000 according to security vendor Doctor Web and Kaspersky Lab. Apple Mac computers worldwide are affected, with more than half of them occuring in the United States. The malware uses Javascript code rather than relying on user interaction. It infects the Macs by exploiting a Java script vulnerability that Apple just patched only weeks following the available fix for Windows PCs. There is now a Java malware removal update available from APPLE as listed at link below.

APPLE Malware Removal Tools and Updates:

Related Apple Updates:  

What is this Botnet/Trojan?

F-Secure Malware Removal Tool:
Kaspersky Malware Removal Tool:

10 things you should know about the attacks:

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