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DNSChanger Trojan
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* April 23, 2012, 12:48:10 pm
DNSChanger trojan is back in the news. Last November 2011, the FBI busted a ring of cyber thieves and took down some servers that were distributing malware. Because these servers were being used as DNS servers for thousands of infected computers, the FBI setup their own servers to replace them. In July 2012, the FBI is going to take these servers offline. So, if your computer is infected with DNSChanger and you are still using those servers, you will lose your Internet connection when the FBI takes them offline. For more information about the DNSChanger trojan and how to check yoursystem for it, visit

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Also, you may be interested in a new trojan that may be infecting
the next hotel you stay at. It seems a Remote Access Trojan is
being shopped on the blackmarket that will infect a hotel's point
of sale system and send screenshots of the credit information, etc.
to the culprit. Visit this page for more info.

Finally, there was an instance of malware being spread by Twitter
last week. It seems nothing escapes these cyber attacks.
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