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New Paypal Phish
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* March 09, 2007, 07:40:52 am
Hello, I just received a new email supposedly from Paypal telling me the following:

We recently noticed one or more attempts to log in to your PayPal account from a foreign IP address.

If you recently accessed your account while traveling, the unusual log in attempts may have been initiated by you. However if you are the rightful holder of the account,click on the link below to log into the account and follow the instructions.

It then give a secure site to go to to log into and fill out specific information of which I did not do basically this gives them my log-in to Paypal for them to use. This site really looks official but going to Paypal give the rule that they do not ask at anytime for this tyupe of info on-line thru email or otherwise.

This is the official address for the Security Center at Paypal

Please be aware of this Phish and Forward it to Paypal at the following email address:

Good Luck

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