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Top Android Apps
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* September 27, 2013, 12:21:09 pm
We now are using Android (OS)operating systems more an more these days. In my household, there are Android Netbooks, Tablets, and Smartphones. Android is here to stay, unlike many past mobile operating systems like Microsoft CE, which did not last very long at all, before being dropped.

Apps like a Battery manager, task killers, analyzers and monitoring apps make up the basis of a solid Android mobile tool kit.  Here are 5 top rated Utilities for Android you can add to your arsenal:

See PC Magazine's best 100 Android Apps for 2013:,2817,2393097,00.asp

2013 Android Mobile AV Test Results (my personal pick is the Free Security App " Lookout ")
How to protect your Smartphone:

New Outlook App update for Android:

For more Android Apps visit

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