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Windows XP Bug
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* October 07, 2013, 03:05:15 pm
Is your Laptop Fan running constantly ? ...maybe your Desktop PC is slow?

With only half a year away from Microsoft ending their Windows XP support, there remains a bug (SVCHOST) that was first patched in 2007 for Service Pack 2 (SP2), but apparently never patched in SP3. This bug will runup your CPU to 100 % and most likely cause your system fan in a laptop to run continuously.  Read more here:

Here's a link to Microsoft's explanation of this bug;

How to fix this SVCHOST.exe issue:

Another similar related issue:

I experienced a similar issue earlier this year, but found it to be caused by the older Microsoft Search Indexing Service program "cisvc.exe" which I disabled using the following method, then later installed the newer Windows Search 4.0 . You must install the newer Windows Search 4.0 to continue using your system "Find" and searches in programs like Outlook. Otherwise searches will be very slow, without the indexing service tool in the Windows Search 4.0 program.
How to disable the indexing service "cisvc.exe" in Windows XP:
1.  Go to "Start" logo  (bottom left of screen)
2.  Select "Control Panel" , then "Administrative Tools", then "Services"
3.  Find "Indexing Service"
4.  RIGHT click "Indexing Service"
5.  Select  "Properties"
6.  Go to "Startup type:" then select "Disabled"
7.  click "Apply"
8.  click "OK"
9.  reboot Computer
10. Install Windows Search 4.0 (see link below)

Here’s the Microsoft update link for Windows Search 4.0 (Indexing Service) ;

Article/Blog on this several year old "Cisvc.exe" issue:
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