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WinXP Unofficial SP4
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* August 28, 2014, 08:53:46 am
With 25% of the PC's still running Windows XP, there is continued interests in Service Pack updates. Microsoft ended XP support this past April 2014, with Service Pack 3 being their last and latest version.

Currently there is an effort by a non-Microsoft software developer, to beta-test and later release a Service Pack 4 for Windows XP. Please note that this will require users to have a minimum of Windows XP Service Pack 1 installed, in order to use the unofficial SP4 version.

My advice is to thread carefully here and not jump in on the beta version just yet.  Wait until it is debugged and fully released. Microsoft won't be supporting this Unofficial Service Pack 4 in any capacity, and users who choose to install it on their systems will be doing so at their own risk. Even small glitches can create huge problems when installing Windows updates and patches.  With no single official source for these distributions, it will be difficult for less experienced users to easily distinguish between 'clean' copies and those that have been corrupted with malware.  In ending its support for Windows XP, Microsoft may have unintentionally created a 'black market' for free software that may potentially expose users to greater risk.

If you have an older PC to experiment on, that is not your main PC, and you do not perform important functions with it, then by all means, try this new SP4. There are no guarantees and little support. I still recommend upgrading to at least Windows 7.

For more Unofficial Windows XP Service Pack 4 info, visit this forum post;

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Google Download Website for XP SP4:

To see my previous post on upgrading your Windows XP to Windows 7 and beyond, see link below;,1246.msg
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