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Microsoft OneDrive
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* September 24, 2014, 01:20:47 pm
Free Unlimited storage on Microsoft OneDrive for Office 365 Users:

Earlier this year, Microsoft rebranded its SkyDrive service to OneDrive, and has been improving the service on a nearly monthly basis. With apps being updated constantly, free storage for those with an Office 365 subscription, and a bunch of other features being added, Microsoft is pushing OneDrive with all of its corporate power. To keep the train moving, Microsoft has announced that if you use the auto-upload camera feature with its OneDrive platform, they will double your amount of free storage. To enable this feature, download OneDrive on your phone, sign-in with your Microsoft account, and enable the auto-upload feature; it's that simple.

Microsoft's OneDrive has become a lot more attractive today as the company has announced that it is lowering the cost for additional storage and increasing the amount of free storage too. Prices are being cut by 70%, making storage ridiculously cheap if you are in the need for cloud storage.

The new monthly prices will be $1.99 for 100 GB (previously $7.49), and $3.99 for 200 GB (previously $11.49) and there is more good news if you are an Office 365 subscriber. If you subscribe to Microsoft's subscription-based Office service, you will now get 1TB of storage included. This applies to all of the consumer SKUs starting with Office 365 Personal for $6.99 a month, and adds extraordinary value to that package. For that price, you would get 1TB of storage and Office, compared with $9.99 a month for 1TB of storage on Google Drive, while Dropbox charges the same price for just 100GB of storage.

For those of you who are still content with your free space, Microsoft is tossing good news your way too. Starting today, all accounts now have 15 GB of free storage; this is double the previous free amount which was 7 GB, and matches Google Drive's 15GB of free space.

For more info visit the OneDrive website;
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