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Fastest Mobile Network?
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* June 27, 2015, 06:08:18 pm
Who has the fastest mobile internet data network, along with the broadest U.S. coverage? PC Magazine evaluates 30 cities across America to help answer the question.

For the 2nd year in a row, their investigative test report finds on average, that Verizon takes top honors. AT&T was a close 2nd sharing top cities in performance honors at about 50/50 with Verizon.  If you want a faster mobile internet connection in your city or region, it is broken down between regions North, South, East, West and combinations thereof.  

What was not clear in this test, is who can best deliver Voice and Data simultaneously.  This is growing in importance as we join online business conferences with voice, and watch more live streaming podcasts during events or meetings. I would like to have seen mobile data/voice performance as part of the tests. Not all phones can utilize Voice & Data together, as well as not all carriers can deliver it.

See the entire in-depth PC Mag Mobile Performance article here;,2817,2485838,00.asp,2817,2485837,00.asp
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