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Adobe Flash Warning !!!
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* June 30, 2015, 08:40:05 am
If you're using " Flash " in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.) please check for latest Adobe Flash Update !  It has now been discovered that Ransomware is being exploited via Adobe Flash. This vulnerability affects Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

Check your current Adobe Flash version here;

Get the update at this link;

Here are some important tips:
1. If you don't need Flash, don't install it at all. To find out if you actually need it, rather than assuming you need it, try living without it for a week or two. You may get a pleasant surprise.
2. If you need Flash only occasionally, use click-to-play. That's where your browser asks you every time whether you want to let a page use Flash. Or turn the Flash plugin off altogether except for the times you know you need it.
3. If you have Flash, don't lag behind on updates. Even automatic updates can take a while to turn up, becaue Adobe spreads the load randomly amongst its users. You can jump the queue by checking for updates manually.
4. If you're still running Windows XP, please don't. Vulnerabilities that are really difficult for crooks to exploit on Windows 7 and later - as good as impossible, in fact - can often be still turned into working attacks against Windows XP.
5. Keep your anti-virus turned on and up-to-date. A good anti-virus can block this sort of attack at multiple points, e.g. by blocking the web page where the EK is hosted; blocking the EK's JavaScript component; blocking the Flash exploit itself; and blocking the ransomware it would grab next.
6. Don't skip making backups. If you don't have a good enough backup to recover from ransomware, you are at risk of any number of other potential data disasters, too. These include accidental deletion, a failed hard drive, and a lost or stolen laptop.

See detailed article here:

Already have Ransomware?  See my prior link for help;,1279.0.html

Security Now #514 podcast audio or video on the Adobe Flash Warning;
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