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Why you need a VPN
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* July 03, 2015, 01:11:52 am
With today's mounting internet privacy concerns, using a VPN helps protect you in various ways. VPNs encrypt your data and at the same time transmit the data anonymously. Secondly, the data stored in your local hard drive is secure since information sent from your computer doesn’t map back to your machine. Also, some VPN's by a simple setting can port your connection via servers in other countries which can further protect your privacy, and allow you to use services not available in your area.  Here are some great articles to help explain "Why you need a VPN". ;

To get you started, here's a super deal on a lifetime unlimited devices "Tiger-Lite VPN" for only $29:
(Note: Although multi-PC there is only 1 active connection allowed at any given moment. User must end session before connecting to another)

proXPN $39 Lifetime subscription to this 4-star PC Magazine rated VPN:

VPN deal with unlimited lifetime (Use 5 devices simultaneously) $39:

Are you worried about your Streaming Video being slowed down by a VPN? No Problem ...Getflix to the rescue!  Instead of rerouting all your Internet traffic, this handy service only routes internet traffic but not streaming traffic. Getflix unblocks more than 100 streaming channels around the world. Lifetime Subscription for: $39:

SimpleTelly $49 Lifetime:
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