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Wireless Router Security
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* May 20, 2016, 03:05:12 pm
Typically most households that have internet access use a wireless router, which is your first point of defense to the outside world. You must then ask yourself the question of whether or not, your Router is safely protecting your computer network?

My personal recommendations are:
1> Occasionally unplug your Wireless Router for 1 minute then reconnect.
     This can fix connection issues, and may also perform updates on some routers.
2> Use Steve Gibson's Router Crash Test, DNS Spoof Test, and the ShieldsUP tests to evaluate your current protection.
3> Use links below to further improve your router security protection.
4> Finally, determine if you should replace/upgrade your router.,news-19245.html

Is it time to upgrade your Wireless Router?,2817,2493100,00.asp

On a tight budget? No problem!

Wireless Router Reviews from budget to best:,review-2498.html
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