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Internet SIG and the new web site
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* January 18, 2007, 11:54:00 pm
What a presentation on the new web site by Chris Koepf if you missed it that was a lose by you. I am sorry to see the old site go away but this one is a great site and will be better as time goes by.

Anyone wanting to browse the old newsletters just go to the downloads and have some fun. I have already had an offer from one of the members that wants to scan some of the old issues that were printed and mailed. I think i will supply him with some of them in the near future, this should be some great reading.

We are looking for any ideas that might add some topics for the forum so please do not be shy, let's get posting..............


January 19, 2007, 12:04:43 am
Why thank you Ed.  I would like to add that if anyone has any questions about how to use this new site, since there are so many features and options, that you have a couple of choices.
First, if you can post a message right here is this message board (or the club members only board if it's a member only feature),  that's the easiest solution and will probably get the quickest response since anyone that has access will be able to read your question and is able to respond with an answer.
If you are having problems figuring out how to post a message, you can contact myself or one of the other more knowledgable club members by clicking on our user names, anywhere you see them display on the screen.  For example, my username is display just to the left of this text and is a link to my profile.  From the profile page, scroll to the bottom of the screen and there is a link to send me a private message.  It opens a page that looks similar to typing a message in an email program or webmail.
You can also view the ComSoc Staff page via the link on the right in the Navigation menu.
Or... lastly, you can hang on to your question until the next meeting you'll be attending.  There's always a few minutes for someone to answer a few questions.

As questions arise, we will work on compiling our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Page.  There is a link for that in the Navigation menu on the right as well.

CrazyC!    (aka Chris Koepf)