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Tonights Linux SIG meeting
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February 14, 2007, 11:19:00 pm
Just thought I would post a quick update as to how tonights SIG meeting went and a description of what we have planned for next month.

After having some minor issues with setting up the partitions on the clubs laptop, due to having too many primary partitions on the hard drive, we did finally manage to get SimpleMEPIS 32 v6.0-4 Beta4 installed as a dual boot operating system with the currently installed copy of Windows XP.
We have also left space on the drive to install a copy of Windows VISTA when the club receives it's copy from Microsoft.

There was/is a minor issue with root access at the moment due to me incorrectly typing the root password during the installation process, but we will be sure to get that fixed as our first task for next months meeting.

Once we have root access inside MEPIS, we will then move forward with configuring the wireless network adapter to connect to UB's network.  At present it is not working, but I have faith that we can get it to work correctly with a little bit of tweaking.

Next step on the agenda will be to run package updates for MEPIS and start explaining and showing how to perform various setup tasks and tweaks that a majority of previous Windows users will likely want to apply for their own linux installations.  Some of these things would be installing some of the nicer looking TrueType fonts from Microsoft, configuring Firefox and MPlayer to user the w32codecs for media files that are in Windows Media player format, how to map network drives with Windows machines on a local network and much much more.

For those of you that are unaware of SimplyMEPIS or have never even heard of it....  SimplyMEPIS is a new distribution name for what used to be plain MEPIS.  MEPIS used to be a plain debian based distro and was designed to be as user friendly as possible for Windows users that may be converting to linux.
Within the last year or so, MEPIS changed it's base to Ubuntu which many linux enthusiasts may know as a very popular and user friendly distro with LOTS of free software packages for installation and gave it a new name of SimplyMEPIS as of version 6.
After version 6 (currently 6.04), SimplyMEPIS has gone on to expand their support to now cover the 64bit processors as well as all 32bit processors, hence SimplyMEPIS 32 or SimplyMEPIS 64.
The new SimplyMEPIS releases are currently at beta release 4 and seem to be pretty stable.  In addition to the support of additional processors, the current beta release is also designed to be even more user friendly and as mentioned on their website ( their goal is to be the easiest linux distribution for Windows users wanting to convert to Linux.

Anyone having an interest in possibly converting to linux on their own PC(s) or who would like to find out more about what linux is and how it works should consider attending the monthly Linux SIG meetings.
Check out the Calendar for dates and times each month.  Please note:  you have to be registered for the site to view the calendar, but you do not have to be a current club member to see when and where meetings are held.

CrazyC!    (aka Chris Koepf)

February 16, 2007, 04:21:32 pm
We had a very informative linux sig meeting put on by Chris Koepf. The program links are listed below.

SimpleMEPIS can be downloaded here (broadband is needed) or gotten at any of the sig/general meetings (bring a blank cd to swap).   Pick  simplymepis-cd 6.5.b5.1 32.iso  this is an image file so burn as image cd. If you have a new 64bit computer pick the 64bit version.

The pdf MEPIS user guide can be downloaded here

GParted LiveCD (partition program) can be downloaded here
This is also an image file and needs to be burned. This program will be added to our club cd.

These programs are all FREE and legal.

Relic (aka Mike Burton)