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Club Member site registration error.....
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April 24, 2007, 10:50:44 pm
It was brought to my attention at tonights General Meeting that the registration page was spitting out an error for any club members trying to register for an account.   ::)

Well, after the recent software upgrade of the site this past weekend, it appears that some of the features/functions in the software changed a bit (parts that I didn't program) and the custom process for getting Club Member names and membership id numbers was working correctly.

It is now fixed and back to normal.  Anyone that got an error page while trying to register on the site since this past Saturday should be all set to try again.  IF BY CHANCE there are still problems, either notify me by email or via the Contact Us page and I'll make sure you get registered one way or another.  But it should be trouble free at this point.  ;)
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