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Avast 4 Home - Free Anti-Virus Software!
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* June 15, 2007, 10:41:54 pm
There's a another great free anti-virus program to keep in your cyber arsenal.
If you are looking for an option to the legendary free version of AVG, then
Avast may be the ticket. It's already passed the robust VB100 tests in XP
and Vista, and a few others. It actually scored higher than AVG in a couple.
CNET actually gives the Avast 4 Home Edition a 5-Star rating!

It also has onboard Spyware filtering which utilizes website filters.
Another cool feature is the 40 plus Skins you can use to change the look
and feel of the User Interface screen. Here are just few examples;

Avast 4 Home - Free Website Download Page

Avast Main Website (read news articles)
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