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In Memory of Jacques "Jack" Berlin
General Meeting Aug 27, 2019 Amherst Audubon Library   

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  • Board Mtg/Internet SIG 7p-9p: April 17, 2007
Apr 07 Internet SIG - Board Mtg.
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January 31, 2007, 05:35:00 pm
Board of Trustees meeting, followed by the Internet Sig.
Meets 7pm-9pm at regular meeting room.
We will have at least 3 laptops at the meeting to go online with to demo the new chat room on the website and any other demos asked for during the meeting! ;)

Come ready to CHAT!!! ;D ::)

We also have few issues of SmartComputing Magazine, April issue left from the March General meeting for anyone who didn't get one!  :laugh:
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