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Press release: WinUtilities 6.1 "Decrapifies" Your PC..........
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March 16, 2008, 09:15:55 pm
C&S Services Webmaster
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Subject: Press release: WinUtilities 6.1 "Decrapifies" Your PC for Super Fast
Date: Wednesday March 12 2008
From: Jason Kuperman <>
To: "Joseph M. Kramer" <webmas>

Dear Joseph M. Kramer:

YL Software today announces the immediate availability of WinUtilities 6.1,
the newest version of its award-winning system tweaking suite that offers
over 20 computer productivity tools. The WinUtilities update offers users
additional features, as well as improvements on the technologies. Please,
find the press release below for your information.

As preferred customers, your group is offered a 25% discount on the purchase
of WinUtilities 6.1 (save 10 USD). For details, please contact us at

Jason Kuperman
YL Software

For immediate release

Jason Kuperman
YL Software

WinUtilities 6.1 "Decrapifies" Your PC for Super Fast Performance

Junk files, invalid links in the registry are choking our computer usefulness.
As a stopgap measure, we buy different registry cleaners, system cleaners and
tweakers to stem the tide of digital garbage. However there is an affordable
one-stop system cleaning and optimizing solution that can help you with all
computer performance problems. It's called WinUtilities.

SAN DIEGO, CA. - March 12, 2008 - YL Software today announces the immediate
availability of WinUtilities 6.1, the newest version of its award-winning
system tweaking suite that offers over 20 computer productivity tools.
WinUtilities provides everything a user needs to remove junk data and improve
PC performance. The WinUtilities update offers users additional features as
well as improvements on the technologies. For more information on the latest
version of WinUtilities, to view customer testimonials, or to download a free
trial, please visit

"The advances in WinUtilities 6.1 are the direct result of listening to
customers around the world and then building a host of practical features to
fit their needs," said Jason Kuperman, CEO, YL Software. "A newly added
UpdateWizard feature enables users to keep WinUtilities always up-to-date.
Two modules - Duplicate Files Finder and Registry Cleaner - are now able to
export reports. Other advancements include improved File Undelete Module for
NTFS and FAT32 volume, improved Plug-ins Editor for History Cleaner module,
improved compatibility for Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit systems, plus
improved Registry Cleaner."

Most of us know that as we continue to use our computers they accumulate a
great deal of junk files, duplicates, invalid links, hindering PC
performance. Plus applications can be adding things of which we may not be
aware. Take the web browser for example. As you surf the Web, cookies are
being added and changed to keep track of where we went, passwords, etc. So
now you're going to have to take the time and be rid of each and every one of
these things which can take you hours to do. Fortunately, you may not have to
if you install WinUtilities.

WinUtilities was written by someone who's been through the digital garbage
thing too many times and wants to spare us from sharing that same experience.
The program makes the process of optimizing a computer for peak performance
about as simple as it gets. It includes such tools as Junk File Cleaner,
Registry Cleaner, Memory Optimizer, System Information, Registry Backup, File
Encryption, Safe Uninstaller, Duplicate File Finder, File Shredder, Data
Recovery&File Undelete tools, etc. WinUtilities also includes an Internet
Tracks Eraser with Cookie Manager and Secure Deletion. That's about it. There
is no hardware upgrades to be installed on the computer to make it run faster
and more stable. You just buy the software for $39.99 and begin optimizing
performance right out of the box.

WinUtilities Disk Cleaner will help you to get rid of temporary files and
folders, cookies and browser history, duplicate files and links that are no
longer valid. It can even locate zero-length files so that they no longer
clog up your file lists. The Registry Cleaner will help you to delete entries
in the register that no longer apply to your system but remain there. The
third important cleaning tool in WinUtilities is the History Cleaner, which
handles all those items you can delete from within the Internet Options
dialog box in Control Panel, as well as your system's document history,
log-on history, search history and more.

If you are fed up with all the junk, then WinUtilities is one tool that should
be enough for your arsenal that "decrapifies" your computer from digital

Please, explore to find out more about

Pricing & Availability

WinUtilities 6.1 runs under Windows Vista, XP, 2003 Server, 2000 and 98 and
starts at $39.99 (USD) for Personal license. Upgrades to the current version
are available for the previous owners of WinUtilities for $24.99 (USD).
Registered users get a fully-functional product, a year of free upgrades and
life-of-product technical support. Additional information on the product, as
well as a 30-day evaluation version is available from

About YL Software

YL Software is a San Diego, California based technology corporation since
1999. It specializes in software design and marketing of Windows productivity
software for business and home users. Over the past 9 years, its products,
such as WinUtilities, YL Mail Man, and YL Mail Verifier have been adopted by
thousands of end-users worldwide and received major write-ups in Time
Magazine, Newsweek, Business Week, The Washington Post, ABC World News
Tonight and CNN. For more information, visit


Product page:
Download link: http://www.ylc
E-mail: Jason@yl

Postal address: 3831 Valley Center Dr. Suite 706-295 San Diego, California

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