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Online membership application and renewal form
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February 01, 2007, 12:24:15 pm
I have just finished setting up our new online membership application and renewal forms.  New club members or members from the past will use the Membership Application and existing club members or recently expired members use the Renewal Form.

I have added links below the Navigation menu on the right and customized the home page with information and links for both forms.  Site guests and members will see different links and information than current club members.  Both have been setup to display the correct information based on your current membership status.

If anyone happens to find any typos or bugs, PLEASE let me know ASAP.  Both forms have been thoroughly tested, but that doesn't mean something could have been overlooked.  ::)

As specified in the text on the home page and in each form, you do have your choice of paying online or by mail.  Please be assured that online payment is completely secure and safe through PayPal's website.   If there is any concern about security, please feel free to visit PayPal's Security Center.

As always...  Enjoy Your Visit here on the WNY Computer Society Website!
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