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Separate icon for Hibernate under XP
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November 28, 2008, 02:30:57 am
You may have noticed that the ComSoc computer shutdown window has a separate icon for Hibernate (not a <SHIFT> of the Standby icon.) If you have installed SP3, you can have this too).If you haven't got SP3,  :o you need SP2 and the following hotfix first; KB893056

Once you have satisfied one or the other of the above pre-reqs, save the attached file as hibernate.reg.  (I added a .txt extension to the name to allow it to be attached here. you must remove this.) All that's left to do is to feed it to REGEDIT.

Most machines will do this if you double-click on the file in Windows Explorer, Total Commander or similar.

I've done this on 3 machines. The first was entered by hand and the on other two I did the above with the file I derived from the first machine but you are well advised to backup your registry or take a restore point first.Microsoft says a restart is needed before it will take effect but that was not needed on any of my machines.

Mike B.
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November 29, 2008, 11:14:36 pm

You mentioned that if you have SP3 installed that you can have this too, meaning the Hibernate Icon.
I have SP3 installed on the machine I am using right now and that Icon does not show up. It does come up on my Laptop and has since before SP1, I think!  Am I missing something? I do have this machine setup to Hibernate if I press the power button momentarily. That works well but the Icon would be nice too.


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