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Adding Ram to my notebook
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* December 17, 2009, 09:06:46 pm
I want to max out the ram on my notebook.  It's an HP dv5020us Pavilion  with 1GB (2x512MB) in it now.
HP says the memory I want is 1024MB 333MHz DDR.
I think these are known as PC2700 modules.
I will need two 1024MB modules.

One website says to open the notebook and look at the chips because HP used 2 different types of memory in these notebooks and only one kind works in each.  But, as usual, the markings on my memory don't match what they say to look for.

The sticker on the modules says SPS-40959-001 512RA.
Date Code 7J064

The memory chips themselves are labeled
Infineon                          B
3EE 15220 0626

I found that Infineon is now called Qimonda.

1) Exactly what "model" of memory do I need?

2) What brand(s) of memory should I get?
     Memory must be reliable or it makes everything else look broken and can really damage data big time, so I need really good memory,
     but I don't want to spend more than I have to.  My first inclination would be to buy a big name brand like Kingston, etc. just to be safe.

3) Anywhere special I should buy it?
     I like Tiger Direct because they have good prices and deliver almost before you order it.
     I've heard people talk about USItec locally, but I've never done business with them and I'm not sure they're geared to retail.
     Of course there's ebay, but only once I'm completely sure of what I want.

4) What do I do with the old modules?  Are they worth selling, etc.?

Possible choices so far:
    PNY MN1024S01-333 (37.99  @ Tiger)
   Crucial CT533262 (42.99 @ Tiger)
   Tiger also sells Wintec, Centon, Kingston, and Ultra.  The prices vary from $18 to $50 per module - and that's just at one website!

Any guidance would be appreciated.




* December 18, 2009, 02:24:38 am

Maybe some hardware head will jump in and give you better advice, but I searched that sticker number and Google didn't find a match, leading me to believe it's a part number or something, but not a significant descriptor of the memory type. 

Putting in the HP type you provide does return PC2700 references, including these top hits - top in positioning, no comment on quality of choice:

You will be able to scrutinize the photo to see if these RAM modules, which DO match your listed spec, ALSO match the appearance of what you currently have installed.  If so, I'd say that provides a reasonable confidence they are suitable.

As to vendors and actual RAM manufacturers, I dropped "genuine" Samsung RAM into my MacBookPro - matching what Apple actually uses, but beating their price by quite a margin, and choosing that brand "made me happy."

If you're willing to search and read, and need further reassurance, try a search phrase such as:
what is the best RAM
who makes the best RAM
and see what comes up.  You'll probably find opinions based upon experiences where someone upgraded their memory and the computer did not smoke when restarted.  As far as actual MTBF and timing specs go, good luck finding a definitive answer.  I see nothing in the two items I linked above that causes me any concern at all. 

One last vendor comment some friends and I have all had good luck with and service from Newegg lately, but that's another absence-of-smoke opinion.

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December 18, 2009, 07:33:37 pm
Joe, Take a look at You don't have to buy the ram from them but they have a memory advisor tool on their website which would give you some idea of what you need.



* December 21, 2009, 10:58:16 pm
Thanks.  I did use the Crucial adviser  It's very helpful.

I'm still looking for tips about what brand to choose or avoid.