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February general meeting
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* February 21, 2010, 01:03:37 am
Greetings everyone!

I will be presenting on Free and Open Source (F/OSS) applications of interest to the general membership, all of which are available for the three major OS platforms - Linux, Macintosh, and Windows.  These are programs of great power and of the highest quality,  whose commercial and proprietary equivalents would total thousands of dollars.

We will be taking a look at each of the following to review their interfaces and functionality.  If time permits and interest supports we will also be able to explore their actual usage.  

I will also demonstrate the package installation process in Linux as the focus for surveying a typical current  distribution, Linux Mint,  which uses one of the most popular desktop environments, Gnome.

FirefoxWeb browser
Thunderbirde-mail client
LibreOfficeoffice suite
AbiWordword processor
LyXdoc processor
Gnumericspread sheet ports/Windows
The GIMPraster editor
Audacityaudio editor
Scribusdesktop pub
Inkscapevector editor
Diadiagram editor ports/Windows
GnuCashmoney manager
FileZillaFTP client
KompoZerWeb authoring
VLCmedia player
VirtualBoxVMM application

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